The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel in the Nordic region, established by the authorities to provide consumers and purchasers with credible environmental information. The label reduces the environmental impact of production and consumption by assessing the entire life cycle of a product and all relevant environmental issues that arise along the way.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes it easy to choose the most environmentally friendly product or service, and stands for reduced climate impact, circular economy, biodiversity and a non-toxic society.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is not just help to consumers, the environmental requirements of the label provide manufacturers with a blueprint for how they can produce their goods and services with the least possible environmental impact. The label is also an important tool for purchasers who want to set ambitious and specific environmental requirements in procurement.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also places great emphasis on documentation and control. All documentation that the requirements are met is carefully reviewed and double-checked by us, and we visit the production site wherever it is in the world.

What does the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic ecolabel and one of the world's strictest and most ambitious environmental certifications. The purpose is to contribute to more sustainable production and consumption. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel can also be used as documentation when private and public purchasers require type 1 ecolabels.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes it easier for consumers, businesses and purchasers to contribute to the green shift. It is one of the world's most stringent environmental certifications and is only awarded to products and services that fulfil ambitious environmental requirements. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is holistic. It promotes resource utilization, reduced climate impact, a non-toxic circular economy and conservation of biodiversity - always with a strong focus on health. The entire life cycle is considered, from raw materials, production and use to recycling and disposal.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also sets requirements for product properties that ensure quality and durability. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is supported by all the Nordic authorities and is the official and most recognized ecolabel in the region. It is a reliable, independent, third-party certification that provides companies with documentation that the product they offer has high environmental standards.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and hardwood flooring:
  • At least 60-70% of the raw materials in a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled floor must be renewable or recycled, both of which are positive in terms of climate and circular economy
  • All materials and surface treatments fulfil the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's strict chemical control, which considers both the external environment and the indoor environment.
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets some of the world's strictest requirements for chemical use. Nordic Swan Ecolabel flooring excludes harmful emissions, making it a good choice for health.
  • Absolute requirements for waste management and energy-efficient production make Nordic Swan Ecolabelled flooring a good choice for the climate.
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabelled parquet prevents deforestation by using certified wood from sustainable forestry.

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