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BOEN Brochures

Our love and passion for hardwood floors and trends inspires our product development.
We put effort into understanding your desires and needs. Discover our wide range with our brochures…

Main Catalogue

Welcome to the home of hardwood flooring ruled by passion, style and craftsmanship. Your floor is not only a floor! It is the biggest piece of furniture in the room.

Chalet and Chaletino Brochure

Chalet and Chaletino are designed for rooms that require a little extra. The large planks are well suited for large rooms, but create an elegant and exclusive feel even in small rooms.

Simply Oak

Genuine naturalness – completely authentic and immediate: a hardwood floor made from oak brings the fascinating beauty and variety of nature into your home

Pattern floors

With its individual grain, structure and colour, each plank of wood exudes a natural uniqueness. For generations, these fine woods have been laid in patterns, turning them into hardwood floors for uniquely individual rooms.

Accessories Brochure

Find the details that make your house complete: choose skirtings and stair nosing matching your wood floor.

Planks with character

As personality never goes out of style, neither does diversity. We have a selection of floors that plays with diversity, due to the rich spectrum of colours and variation of structure.

Care and Maintenance Brochure

Be nice to your hardwood floor, it will repay you for a lifetime.

Live Pure Brochure

This innovative lacquer BOEN floors an untreated look and completely natural color over time.

Your Style Your Floor - News 2020

The nature displays the most incredible colours and materials that gives us great inspiration, and are becoming more and more important for us. This is what our new floors are based on, the importance and inspiration from the nature.