BOEN Chevron

Patterned floors have been enjoying a revival for a long time, and their popularity only seems to grow. Arising out of a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern interior design, Chevron parquet offers trend-conscious property owners and interior architects exciting contrasts between the traditional and the modern.

The precise alignment of a Chevron floor that looks like a straight long line of arrows creates a fascinating dynamic in any space. This distinctive structure creates an interplay of light and shadow that breaths life into the room while giving it depth. The clear lines and the eye-catching pattern of the floor produce an elegant mood and make an authentic design statement in any space.

Our Chevron collection encompasses an attractive selection of floors, including Oak Adagio, Oak Adagio White, and Oak Animoso. The classic tongue-and-groove joints make it possible to install our Chevron parquet in a secure and reliable way, while its subtle bevel underscores the beauty of the laying pattern. The result is a floor of unparalleled elegance and a highlight for every room.

With Chevron parquet by BOEN you will not only get a high-quality floor in your home, but also a true piece of nature that brings joy to you and your guests every day. Treat yourself to this natural elegance in your home and discover the many possibilities of Chevron parquet by BOEN.