Why choose Live Pure

BOENs Technical Manager, Rune Haugen, explains what Live Pure is and why the Live Pure surface provides the best hardwood floors.

Ultra matt, natural and untreated look

Live Pure floors give you the feeling of an oiled floor and look like untreated wood! We think it’s important to follow the interior trends considering that the hardwood floor is an important part of the interior. In recent years, using natural interior elements has been the focus, therefore we developed a surface treatment with these characteristics. At the same time, Live Pure lacquer requires less maintenance than other surfaces: perfect for your busy everyday life.
I am glad that this is been achieved!

Protects the natural colour of the wood

Live Pure hardwood floors are protected against UV effects. Wood is a natural product, so the hardwood floor’s color will therefore change over time, when it’s exposed to light. This process will go much more slowly for hardwood floors that have the Live Pure surface treatment getting you a natural and brighter color over time.

Stronger than other surfaces

Live Pure protects the hardwood floor extremely well. It actually has a stronger surface than both lacquered and oiled hardwood floors in general. It withstand much more spills and dirt keeping the natural look.

How does Live Pure work?

Live Pure is a thin lacquer that settles into the recesses of the grain, instead of lying over the surface as a smooth film. In other words, the lacquer follows the grain structure. This process is repeated many times for a strong and solid result. It does not affect the color of the grain, and protects the hardwood floors natural color, so the floor remains ultra matt.

Strong and nice

I have worked for many years with the development of hardwood flooring, so it's fun to see something that protects the floor so well and at the same time looks so nice! There is no doubt that hardwood floors with Live Pure is the best you can choose. 

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