Parquet or laminate?

The choice is yours, but there are some specific reasons why Rune, BOENs technical manager, think BOEN parquet is the best choice.

Growing trend for natural materials

Laminate flooring is made of a photographic plastic film and melamine film pressed on top of a high-density fiberboard. The photographic film gives the impression of a wooden floor, but since it’s not a living material but an image, the wood pattern will repeat itself.  By choosing BOEN parquet, you get a floor that are vibrant, natural and unique because no two parquet floors are alike

Wooden floors touch the senses

Wooden floors fill us with a warm and comfortable feeling when we walk on it.  Plus, parquet floors emit a more pleasant sound than laminate when walked on.

A floor that tells a story

It is not true that if you have kids or pets you should not choose parquet floor. Parquet is a vibrant material and if taken care of, which is not difficult, it will evolve and become more beautiful with time.

If the word maintenance intimidates you, we have a new product called Live Pure. Live Pure is a maintenance free surface that looks like untreated wood floor. Read and see more about it here.

Naturally easy to maintain

It’s as easy to clean a parquet floor as is a laminate floor. Actually, both parquet and laminate have to be cleaned with as little water as possible so that the floor is dry within two to three minutes.

Invest and spare time

BOEN Parquet is genuine, timeless and it ages gracefully. It’s a classic surface and will therefore lead to an increased value of your property. BOEN Parquet also have longer board then laminate and is therefore quicker to lay.

Natural materials at our strength

A good laminate floor will have a harder surface so can be damaged or chipped more and will have lower overall height, but a parquet floor can be repaired by sanded and then recoated with oil or lacquer over many years. If you choose laminate for the hard surface, you should choose a high-pressure laminate to get good abrasion resistance. You should also know that the price for this type of laminate is often the same as for a parquet floor.

Decided to go for parquet?

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