Villa Frednes

Country Norway
Type Residential
Year 2018

While driving towards the center of the Norwegian town, Porsgrunn, you can see a glimpse of this magnificent building just beyond the trees. The villa has a manorial that is witness to another time, and it sparks your curiousity as to what is inside of this great building. Mona Stenseth Erlandsen and her husband Marius Erlandsen are the new owners of this villa, and they are currently in the process of renovating Villa Frednes.

"We wanted a masculine, rustic but at the same time classic wood floor that should not be too rough….  So we ended up with the floor Oak Brown Jasper from BOEN Flooring in the Castle plank format. I must praise BOEN for making a floor that's incredibly easy to lay and has high quality that will last for many, many years to come. We love the look of the floor - so we went for the same floor in both children's rooms and in the walk in closet." From Villa Frednes' blog.

Read more about this amazing Villa from 1905: Villa Frednes homepage.

Pictures: Mona Stenseth Erlandsen
Interiors: Mona Stenseth Erlandsen
Retailer: (former Carlsen Fritzøe)