Private house in Austria

Country Austria
Type Residential
Year 2015

Woodpark installed our wide plank Chalet this private home.

"This wooden floor of the series "Modern - Rustic" has a lively and rustic style. The color Old Gray and oiled surface accentuate the warmth of the wood and the limed surface gives the wooden floor of oak a cozy, yet modern and warm look." from Woodpark webpage.

Woodpark installed the wood flooring, realized the stairs and the vertical wall coverings.


Chalet is one of BOENs widest and most exclusive oak flooring with widths up to 395 mm. Every Chalet flooring is unique because Chalet floors are designed and adapted to each room by BOENs own floor designers. The customized order is first put into production once the designers' proposals are approved by the client. The floor used is Oak Old Grey. The product is not available in our range anymore. If you like it, you can find a good alternative in Oak Traditional.

Installer: Woodpark GmbH

Builder: BVH Salzburg