Norwegian Cabin

Country Norway
Type Residential
Year 2021

This 90m2 cabin has an upgraded and modern exterior.

The interiors are created by combining together some of the best brands available in Norway.

The living room has good ceiling height, large windows and with the fireplace centrally located in the room, you get the cozy cabin atmosphere. Two good bedrooms and a beautiful kitchen are located in each wing. The floor plan contains storage rooms, sauna and laundry room. In the attic there are two available bedrooms, and an attic living room with a balcony facing the living room and the view.

This cabin is beautifully decorated with contemporary colors and furniture.

Oak Sand has a warm and nice color. It can be delivered in 6 different formats and it's one of BOEN's best seller.

Builder: Mestergruppen

Furnitures: Riis interior

Wall pannels: color/type Skigardsgrå fom Moelven

Kitchen: Sigdal