News 2022

As wood being a product of nature our inspiration for our new products will always be connected to the diversity of natural materials. The colours of our new products are a part of the earthy colours that we also see in today’s interior trends. We like it soft and warm, combined with natural elements.

With our new colours we are going back to the beginning, to our core material, wood. The main source of inspiration that we use everyday in our work. We know our products; we know where they came from, and we know how to bring forth their best qualities.

We want to show how this natural material is so diverse and exceptional, and that there is a product for every personality and style. In our news this year we are bringing it down to earth with shades of brown, grey, and natural oak colours.

Oak Fresh White

The fresh tone of Oak Fresh White is reminiscent of the soft light of the north. And the Live Matt Plus surface treatment only serves to enhance the white pigmented surface. A floor that gives rooms a relaxed Scandinavian look. Cosy, comfortable, light and bright. Here, apparent opposites balance each other out: cosiness and lightness, comfort and purism.

Oak White Nights

Double brushed, light oak planks accentuated with black: Oak White Nights in a nutshell. White pigmented Live Natural oil penetrates deep into the brushed wood structure, creating a bright, refined look. The visible knots in the grain shimmer in a very natural and authentic way, making this floor unique.

Oak Soft Brown

There are floors that seem to welcome you as soon as you enter a room. Oak Soft Brown is just such a floor. So rustically beautiful, so inimitably natural. With an intensity that impresses. The surface is not only beautifully ultra matt, but also protects the floor brilliantly against dirt, dust and liquids.

Oak Semi Smoked

This floor radiates a warm and gentle sense of cosiness. Thanks to the smoking and subsequent treatment with BOEN Live Natural oil, a particularly beautiful depth effect is created. This highlights the nuances of colour in a particularly intense way.

Oak Medium Grey

Grey nuances give the Oak Medium Grey planks a lovely natural earthiness. Their authentic but elegant appearance is enhanced by Live Matt Pro. After all, the ultra matt finish accentuates the effect of this statement floor, making it robust, resistant and underpinning its stylish beauty

Oak Semi Smoked White

White Live Natural oil underpins the vibrancy and characteristics of the wood. The floor radiates a natural freshness and is ideally suited to the Scandinavian style of furnishing. It can also be combined wonderfully with ‘hard’ materials such as concrete, steel and stone, thus forming a natural contrast.

Oak Indian Summer

Full of character with a lively grain. The golden-brown play of colour of Oak Indian Summer is as fascinating as the autumn leaves. Knots and colour variations set strong accents. This is emphasized by the double brushing of its surface and treatment with Live Natural oil. All this gives naturalness a completely unique look.