Mansion in Surrey

Country UK
Type Residential
Year 2016

"I have to say, I always opt for wood. For me, a wooden floor gives a much more homely feel, it adds warmth and texture whereas I find a tiled floors give off a colder feel."

"As soon as I saw the Oak Arizona sample I knew it would work perfectly. It had a rich and warm tone but also went well with the grey colour palette." Claire Totman 

"One of my favourite wooden flooring brands is BOEN Flooring. They are the leading European manufacturer of quality hardwood flooring sold in more than fifty countries worldwide so it is no surprise they offer such a wide variety of options." Claire Totman

Interior and development: Claire Totman Design

Installer: Country Carpets, Walton, Surrey.

Staircase: SMET

Photographer: Claire Totman and SMET