House in the grove

Country Russia
Type Residential
Year 2013

"The concept of the house used the effect of "light glass" (in the spirit of Russian architecture), when light penetrates from above - through the windows at a height of 5 m - into dark rooms and thus produces interesting light rays that fill the rooms with directional light." from Catherine's webpage.

"In addition to the above, I would like to note the smell that is present in the house: the smell of wood, chips, the smell of freshness and pine needles, which heals and which is even more “ignited” when the grove is flooded. The wooden house once again proved its viability: it is really cool in summer and warm in winter, and just very cozy in the off-season!" 

For this house in the green Russian forest, the designer Ekaterina Gracheva has chose a light wood floor witch matches perfectly with the grey logs used for the walls.


Designer: Ekaterina Gracheva

Photographer:  V.Chernyshov