House in Oslo

Country Norway
Type Residential
Year 2018

Linda chose Oak Andante White with Live Natural oil. She visited BOEN showrrom at Sentrum Bygg, where she found also wooden skirtings made from BOEN paquet.  

All skirtings are made from high-quality multi-layer wood flooring boards. They are available in all parquet colours, wood species and surface treatments of the current flooring range.

"White or painted skirtings could give the expression of framing your wall, but at the same time create a distance to the floor. That is why we chose skirtings made of parquet in the exact same colour as our floor. It extends the floor up to the wall and make the room look bigger. A small advice: If you cut the skirtings with a 45-degree section you can avoid small slips, since the wood might expand or contract." Linda Elmin blog

Interior stylist: Linda Elmin

Furniture from:

Pictures: Linda Elmin

Retailer: Sentrum Bygg