Hardwood flooring in the bathroom: wellness with a unique atmosphere.

High-quality floors made from wood are always the right choice, even for spaces that you might initially think them unsuitable, such as wet rooms. The stylish, atmospheric look they create is not the only advantage of a hardwood floor: wood is also antibacterial by nature and therefore especially hygienic. Choosing the right wood, gluing it properly to the subfloor and applying the right surface treatment all give rise to a wonderful feel and pleasant room climate underfoot and in the room.

Wood types that react only minimally to moisture, i.e. expand or contract very little when there are changes in humidity, are particularly well suited to the bathroom area. Such woods include e.g. oak or smoked oak. Woods such as maple or beech are not suitable for the bathroom. The grading should also be a calmer one so that water does not penetrate into the wood via cracks or bigger knots.


Wood floor surfaces in the bathroom need to be treated with oil. While lacquer closes the pores in the wood surface, the oil penetrates the wood surface, stopping liquids from being absorbed. The advantage of this is that the wood can continue to “breathe” and also absorb some of the humidity in the room.

Once the wood floor in the bathroom has been glued to the subfloor, the edges and around sanitaryware should be sealed by the hardwood flooring specialist using a permanently elastic joint and the whole floor oiled again, for example with BOEN Live Natural Oil, so that the joints can also be protected from water penetration.

Protected in this way, wooden floors in a bathroom can provide many years of pleasure. This is provided that the oil protection is regularly checked and renewed, which is something the user themselves can easily do. The so-called water drop test should be carried out at regular intervals. If drops remain on the floor without penetrating the wood after a short period of time, all is well with the floor. If this is not the case, the floor needs some maintenance, e.g. with Oil Freshen Up from BOEN.

Simple, characterful and beautiful: a wood floor in the bathroom exudes a unique warmth because the wonderful feel of real wood underfoot is simply incomparable. Combined with tiles or natural stone, fittings and bathroom ceramics, an exciting contrast is formed in an oasis of wellness that has a luxury feel.

Five tips for wooden floors in the bathroom

1. Ensure a pleasant climate in the room with a room temperature of between 20 and 22 degrees and at least 35 to 45% humidity during heating periods.

2. Air the room regularly and thoroughly, especially after showering and bathing.

3. Wipe up quickly any puddles of water, particularly soapy water e.g. from bubble bath.

4. With underfloor heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 29 degrees.

5. Regularly check the oil saturation of the surface using the so-called drop test.