Exciting collaborations

We are happy to introduce our partners for this project. We are very excited that these talented people are going to join us in Switzerland this May. To get to know them a bit better we asked them three questions:

  • Tell us a little about yourself?
  • Why did you want to join this project?
  • Have you thought of any colours that you like for the new floors for 2020, and if so, why these colours?

Claire Totman

My name is Claire and I am passionate about all thing’s interiors and renovations. Having worked for big design companies in London gaining valuable experience, I was able to set up my own business in 2016, I haven’t looked back and it has been the best thing I have ever done. I also develop properties with my mother, which I love.

I wanted to join this project as I have used BOEN flooring on a few occasions and love the product. I am honoured to be part of the new launch.

I have a few ideas for new colours. Either a dark walnut that would look fabulous in a Herringbone design for a traditional and classic setting, or a washed grey tone, which would also look good in a Herringbone design or a more contemporary wide plank, or lastly, a white washed look as the Scandi look is very on trend!

Elisabeth Halbjørhus

My name is Elisabeth Halbjørhus, I am 30 years old, and live in Skien two hours outside Oslo. I live together with my husband, and our two small children, Celine that is 6 years old and Ulrik who is 2 years old. We are living in a renovated house from the 60´s that we purchased from my parents a couple of years ago. I love to set vision to life and already had a lot of plans for our house before we had even moved in. We are going room by room, year by year. Everything is based on when we have time, powers and budget for it. That is why it feels even more specials, when my vision comes to life. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, but have always had a big interest for interior, thanks to social media I can work with this passion. I work as an influencer and content creator for both my social medias but also clients that need some guidance on social media. I also work as an interior stylist, I have a lot of commercial styling through my medias, but also “backstage” in catalogues and scenography for bigger customers. I also work with styling of houses and cabins before they are listed for sale. I have a lot of variation in my work with a lot of exciting things that happens, this fits me perfectly, and I really like when I have a lot of things going.

I am a restless, positive and “down to earth” kind of person that loves new challenges. I quickly accepted the invitation from Boen when they asked if I would like to join this project. I look at this as a possibility for me to develop my knowledge, you can always learn something new and it is important to keep yourself up to date, and be “on”, especially in the business that I work in. I have a lot of projects where everything from the choice of sofa, to the colours of the socket, has an importance. I think that I am born with an urge to create something. That is also why I am so happy to be a part of this, where I can both learn and influence. It is an honour.

Immediately I imagine some dark colours. Preferably dark oak or a variation of walnut. Hopefully with a lot of structure and not to smooth. This is in my mind because I really want something like this at my own house. At my house you will find a lot of light furniture, but at the same time large contrasts. Our floors are painted white, so right now I really want the opposite. I also believe that dark floors give an exclusive look and a balmy atmosphere. We see that the “home-cozy” feeling are trending in the interior world. We are searching for peace, balance and happiness in an otherwise busy day to-day life. Even if light floors still will continue to be a winner, I believe Norwegian and people in Scandinavia will embrace floors with more colours and especially I earthy colours and materials that is a reflection of the natural.

Selina Lauck

I am Selina Lauck, 29 years old and I live in Berlin. I am working as a freelance interior stylist and content creator. As I travel a lot to Scandinavia and have lived in Norway for one year the Scandinavian design influences my work a lot. I like nature and that’s where I find my inspiration or whenever I have a creative blockage the only thing helps for me is just being in nature.

I find it interesting to be part of this project as I haven't done it before. Wood is such a nice material to work with and I can't wait to see the whole process of how we dye this material. Another reason why I want to join is the fact that I will have helped to create a new colour and hopefully a lot of customers might have this coloured floor in their own homes.

I do not have a specific colour in mind yet. I like the unagitated colours like grey and beige, so we will see what its going to be. I am excited already that’s for sure!