Chaletino: The Luxury Wide Plank Wood Flooring

The Beauty of Large-Format Planks: Chaletino Wooden Floors

Our exclusive Chaletino wooden floors are the perfect example of how spacious living areas can be further accentuated by large-format planks.

Chaletino floors come with impressively long and wide planks that make a bold style statement in any room. To further enhance their appeal, we have introduced an innovative Live Pure surface treatment that ensures that the floors are well protected against dirt, dust, and the absorption of liquids. Our customers can choose from six new rustic floors that come with an ultra-matt lacquer or two new rustic floors that are oiled with Live Natural, both of which offer even more charm and character.

With the large-format Chaletino wide planks, you can now bring the character of the wood and the vibrant grains of its wood to the fore. Our new Chaletino floors are perfect for those who want to lend their large rooms a rustic sense of spaciousness, especially for architects and design-savvy homebuilders. And with our Live Pure surface treatment, you can be assured that your floors will retain their natural beauty and elegance for years to come.

Rustic Charm and Character: Six New Rustic Gradings to Choose From

Our new Chaletino floors are available in a range of stylish colours, with six new rustic gradings to choose from. With planks measuring 300 mm in width and 2750 mm in length, our Chaletino floors are grander than ever before, making them ideal for spacious rooms. The new floors are now available with two innovative surface treatments: Live Pure and Live Natural. With a naturally oiled or Live Pure lacquered surface finish, our new floors are built to last and are guaranteed to withstand the rigorous of everyday use.

Live Pure Surface Treatment

The Chaletino floors are now available with the innovative Live Pure surface treatment. The ultra matt lacquer on the Live Pure floors keeps the wooden surfaces completely protected against dirt, dust, and the absorption of liquids. This treatment lends the floors a spectacular ultra matt look and makes them durable.

Live Natural Surface Treatment

The Live Natural surface treatment is available on two new rustic floors: Oak Senses Chaletino and Oak Canyon Chaletino. Oak Senses is also a hand-crafted floor, meaning it is deeply brushed and treated by hand. It is extremely good to walk on with deep brushing and uneven surface where not all knots are filled up to the same height. It gives a natural aged look, lovely texture and a surface that stands up to use.

These floors are bursting with natural vibrancy and bring the uniqueness of the wood to life in an extraordinary way. The floors are naturally oiled, full of character, and offer a visual and tactile experience.


Exclusive Craftsmanship

The large-format Chaletino wide planks bring the character of the tree and the vibrant grains of its wood even more to the fore. The natural texture and exquisite grains make these large planks even more vibrant, with the tree and its character evident in every glance at these delightful floors.

Additionally, wide plank floors are ideal for large spaces, as they add depth and character to the room. They are particularly suited for open-concept spaces, creating a sense of integrated wholeness. If you're looking to transform your home into a welcoming retreat, consider installing wide plank floors to create a serene and calming environment.

At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best in wooden flooring solutions. Our exclusive Chaletino floors are a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and innovation. We invite you to browse our website and discover the many benefits that our floors can bring to your home or business.

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