BOEN Origami Tech

Thanks to our new folding technology, we are now able to create stair nosings with a seamless edge. As part of this treatment, called Origami-Tech, the top layer of the parquet is folded at an angle of 45 degrees twice without breaking. This creates a 90-degree edge with a half-bevel that gently rounds off the stair edge. The stability of the edges is greatly improved as a result, and the surface protection against dirt, dust and humidity remains unchanged.

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, we revolutionise the production of stair nosings: their weakness has always been the front edge, where the tread and the riser meet. Even with highly precise mitre cuts and modern joining technology, the joint at this point remains sensitive. Also, being a natural product, wooden stairs have their own unique grain. Even with careful selection of cover layers, the edge breaks its continuity.

'With our new production process, the top layer is flexibly bent throughout the entire stair nosing. Each stair is, quite literally, cast in one piece. The surface protection – for example, our ‘Live Pure’ lacquering – remains completely unchanged at the same time. The new design gives the stair stability as well as a top-quality look, and it simply feels good to touch: something that our clients notice first when they walk around the house barefoot or in socks.'
Andreas Tippel, BOEN Product Manager

The stair nosings therefore match perfectly BOEN’s hardwood floors range, making stairs a connecting element between the rooms in terms of their visual design. However, this is not the only way in which we offer continuous design. Skirtings, with the same colour and surface texture as the floor, provide for unified design possibilities.

'Skirtings that are in harmony with the floor make the room more balanced and optically enlarge the floor surface. Aesthetically, the room becomes one, so to speak. It is these details that make a home perfect.'
Andreas Tippel, BOEN Product Manager

We offers skirtings that match all BOEN floors colours, with the option of a veneer or parquet top layer. The range is extended with classic white skirtings in two variants.

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