BOEN flooring in Grønttorvet, “Copenhagen greenest district”

Our goal is to be the selected wood flooring partner for our customers. Every customer’s project is our project.

Today we are proud to share a feedback from Grønttorvet in Valby, “Copenhagen greenest district”, where we have delivered  so far 150.000 sqm wood flooring for 2700 home-units.

We are proud to read these words from  Jacob Bidstrup, project leader at Ingcon:

“We have had challenges with our floors before when we used another supplier, and we therefore decided to go up a quality level. The choice fell on BOEN because they are a big player in the market that can handle the capacity we need. At the same time, BOENS products come with such a quality that after completing the project we should not be concerned about floor disappointment due to the now higher quality. In addition, we have experience with BOEN from previous projects and we experience a security of delivery when we work with them, and this is incredibly important, especially on such a comprehensive project as Grønttorvet”.

We are pleased of our long lasting partnership with Davidsen Tømmerhandel and the results optained in this project in cooperation with Ingcon A/S and Krog og Bidstrup ApS.

It's an honour to share the article from ByggeMaterialer (article in Danish)