Aurora Apartments

Country Russia
Type Residential
Year 2019

Apartments in the residential complex "Aurora" have two levels. Therefore, the staircase has become the main focus in the interior. The spiral form of the stairs is the more compact version possible and looks like a sculpture. Its frame and railing are made of metal, and the steps of the stairs are finished with light oak wood. In the hallway, the central decorative element is a unique designer commode, which was made according to our project.


As for the interior of the main bedroom in Aurora residential complex, the walls behind the headboard had many scattered ledges, metal parts, concrete chips, etc. And, it would seem, for a loft this is quite acceptable. But the room had a very beautiful coffered concrete ceiling, and the decision was in favour of it. The ledges and irregularities were covered with veneered panels, which gave the bedroom room the desired share of comfort, and the ceiling remained in its original form.

Designer: Ekaterina Solyanik

Architect: Alexandra Fedorova

Photographer: Ilya Ivanov