A cabin in the South of Norway

Country Norway
Type Residential
Year 2015

For this beautiful cabin in Valle, Setesdal, the owners wanted a light interior where everything would blend together nicely. They wanted a seamless transition between walls, roof and floor, and with walls in light spruce and the natural looking Oak Coral, the rooms seems very well connected.

They wanted a floor that could give them an enhanced feeling, that is why the chose Oak Coral in in our format Chaletino that offers a width of 300 mm and 2750 mm length. To continue the vision of a seamless connection the floor is installed throughout the cabin, except from the hallway. 

"The floor is there for a reason, it is supposed to be walked on. The same goes for the other interior elements we have chosen: It is supposed to be used, and at the same time has a quality that lasts." Else Berit, cabin owner