Introducing Herringbone Click: The Classic Flooring Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style

Wood has always been a prized material for its warmth, texture, and beauty. However, in today's world, where resources are scarce, it's more important than ever to use sustainable materials. Wood is a prime example of such a resource. It's not only valuable but also versatile, revealing its unique grain and character in countless ways. With this year’s new products, we are shining the spotlight even more closely on the patterns of nature that make wood so unique and authentic.

Herringbone Click - A Timeless and Classic Flooring Pattern

For centuries, Herringbone hardwood flooring has been a timeless and classic flooring pattern. In recent years, it has become a megatrend, taking the world by storm. BOEN, a leading flooring manufacturer, is thrilled to unveil new facets of the most popular pattern of all: Herringbone Click

New Colors and Finishes for Herringbone Floors

Herringbone flooring has been a timeless classic for centuries. And now, with new colours, format and surface treatments, it's more fashionable than ever. BOEN Herringbone Click 138 mm floors offer a vast range of colours and gradings, from warmer oak tones to cooler elegance. The floors are also available in various finishes, including oiled or protected with Live Pure lacquer. The new 3-layer patterned floors offer more creative freedom than ever before.

The variety in the new range of Herringbone Click floors is perfect for any interior design style. Whether you prefer a Scandinavian feel or a warm and cosy atmosphere, these floors have you covered. The new range includes vibrant, warm, elegant, or cosy finishes. They are also available in various surface treatments, including oiled, lacquered, or with a natural-look finish. What's more, they all have one thing in common - unmistakably unique oak.

Rustic Herringbone Click Floors - Authenticity and Timeless Elegance

One of the most striking features of the new Herringbone Click floors is their Live Natural oil treatment. The vibrant gradings of the new rustic floors give them an authentic, timeless, and elegant feel. The knots and colour variations add character to the floors. The Live Natural oil treatment enhances this character and gives the floors a warm and welcoming appearance.

The Live Pure surface lacquer treatment is another highlight of the new range of Herringbone Click floors. The ultra-matt finish is both stylish and functional, providing optimum protection against dust, dirt, and liquids. It's a powerful statement of elegance, comfort, and lightness.


Easy Installation with Click System

Herringbone is one of today's most popular designs and is similar to Chevron pattern (flooring), with the main difference being that herringbone floors are rectangle boards, whereas Chevron boards are cut at an angle. Modern types of this wood flooring have a "click" system that makes installation simple and straightforward, creating a floating floor that doesn't require any glues or adhesives and can be easily taken up again if you wish to redecorate or redesign your room in the future.

In conclusion, Herringbone Click is a classic wood flooring pattern that never goes out of style. With its expanded range of colors, gradings, and surface treatments, there is a Herringbone Click floor for every taste and style. Whether you prefer warm and rustic or bright and elegant, Herringbone Click offers a unique and unmistakable oak pattern that will add a touch of sophistication and class to any room.

Explore our new Herringbone Click wood floors here and discover how they can transform your space.