BOEN Prestige: classic beauty for contemporary living spaces

Classic parquet patterns have been enjoying a revival for some time. Discover timeless beauty that reinterprets traditional craftsmanship with BOEN’s Prestige. The 10 x 70 x 140 mm strip of this parquet offers a large variety of creative options, and is a real eye-catcher in a herringbone or chevron pattern. The small size of the format makes it possible to emphasise the pattern even more, working well in both smaller and larger spaces.

Impressive looks with Prestige parquet strip by BOEN

Individuality stands at the core of the classic 2-layer tongue-and-groove Prestige parquet strip. In addition to the large variety of possible creative patterns, the Prestige product range includes many colour options, as well as such wood types as oak, ash, beech, maple, cherry, and walnut.

All this enables an exploration of entire worlds of interior design styles, from Boho to Nordic, from modern country home to urban industrial. For renovations that necessitate a floor with low thickness, Prestige with its 10 mm total thickness can meet very strict requirements, and is perfect for installation with underfloor heating.