Vintage style apartment, Moscow

Apartment in the a new building in Moscow, designed by Nadya Zotova.

The apartment in the new building is not very large with one common kitchen-living room and 2 bedrooms for a mother and a teenage daughter. In the kitchen-dining-living area, we used vintage furniture, a family antique table. Nadia bought vintage chairs in France. Kitchen, sofa, storage system with TV - all from Enjoy home boutique. The task was to set a vintage mood, to put a retro spirit in the apartment with the style of the 50s. I didn’t want anything classic and complicated. Rounded cornices, metal skirting boards, metal elements on the kitchen apron, brass, vintage chandeliers and the spirit of 50-70s Italy with a retro feel. And also laid the parquet with a herringbone in a neutral shade. 

Herringbone is a timeless floor which gives the room a litte extra. The natural colour of the floor makes a nice contrast to the colourful ans stylish interior in this apartment. 

Designer: Nadya Zotova & Enjoy Home
Instagram: @enjoy_home