'I like timber in its natural kind of finish'

My name is Steve Leung. I have known BOEN for a long time. I can not remember how long it was. I think it was since I started practicing as an architect, and also doing some interior projects. I would probably say is the best timber flooring I have ever used.

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Oak Elephant Grey
Our new floors:

Oak Elephant Grey

A darker brown floor with shades of grey and black filled knots, this floor really stands out.


Why choose hardwood floors? and why choose BOEN?

It is not only a floor! It is the biggest piece of furniture in the room - that most of the time you are in contact with walking from room to room. When you buy a wood floor from us, you choose quality, innovation and respect for the nature!


找寻能完整您的房屋的配件:选择与您的木地板相匹配的踢脚线和楼梯扣。 地板配件