Modern Skirting Boards

When it comes to your home, the finishing touches details create all the difference.

Thanks to our new folding technology - called Origami-Tech, the top layer of the parquet is folded at an angle of 45 degrees twice without breaking. This creates a 90-degree edge with a half-bevel that gently rounds off the skirtings edge. The stability of the edges is greatly improved as a result, and the surface protection against dirt, dust and humidity remains unchanged. Our skirtings have rounded edges, look more stylish, are stronger and easier to clean.

By researching new milling and folding technology, we converted a manual working process into industrial production which produce a perfectly manufactured result. This way we help the professional to work efficiently and give the best result to the end customer.” Our new skirtings are the perfect choice for those wanting to achieve a premium look as a finishing touch to their interior design project. Solid skirting is both attractive and of very high quality. From modern designs to traditional and period styles, you can now revamp any space with premium hardwood skirtings from BOEN.

The overall height of the skirting boards changes from 58 to 55mm, because we found a way to produce 2 skirtings out of one 138 mm plank, leaving you with the choice to make whatever impact you want to within your home. The new design gives skirtings stability as well as a top-quality look, and simply feels good to touch. Skirtings, with the same colour and surface texture as the floor provides for unified design possibilities; the room becomes more balanced, optically the floor surface is widened. Aesthetically, the room becomes one, so to speak. It is these details that make a home special.

We at BOEN offer skirtings profiles made from flooring boards in all BOEN colours, surfaces and formats. Choose skirtings in the same style as your flooring and create a beautiful frame that enhances the whole room.

Parquet skirting

Made from our high-quality multi-layer wood flooring boards. Available in all parquet colours, wood species and formats of the current range. The skirtings can be produced in our lacquered and oiled surface treatments. Package content: 1 bundle – 10 pieces. Dimension: 55 x 14 x 2180 mm

Veenered skirtings

Available in all our flooring colours. Rounded edges and a veneered top-layer of 0.5mm. Due to a thickness of 16mm these skirtings are especially useful when you need to cover a bigger expansion gap. Package content: 1 bundle – 10 pieces. Dimension: 58 x 16 x 2700 mm.

Traditional-German profiled

Elegant and classic profile made with an MDF core Veneered top-layer: RAL 9016 Package content: 1 bundle – 8 pieces. Dimension: 70/100/120 x 18 x 2500 mm.

Vennered skirtings - Design 17

Skirtings boards with HDF base and veneered white. Due to a thickness of 16mm, they are especially useful when you need to cover a bigger expansion gap. Package content: 1 bundle – 8 pieces. Dimension: 58 x 16 x 2500 mm.

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