Störtbeker Elbphilharmonie, Germany

Country Germany
Type Hospitality
Year 2008

The interior designers for the project from the design studio formwaende chose to use oak planks by BOEN as the flooring for the over 1000 square metre area. However, the delayed construction period of over eight years meant several design changes were made at once, and these had an effect on the oak floor.

What in 2008 seemed to be best showcased with a natural wood colour, a honey-coloured brown, would end up inspiring guests some years later in a Nordic grey.

Property: Sörtebeker Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany

Interior Designer: formwaende GmbH & CO, KG Florian Kienast

Installation: Fußbodentechnik Ralf Kohfeldt

Photo: Sörtebeker Elbphilharmonie GmbH