The New BOEN Herringbone Click Castle: Unleashing Elegance in a Large Format

The popularity of patterned flooring, particularly the herringbone design, has soared in recent years, captivating homeowners, architects, and designers alike. Building upon this trend, BOEN proudly presents the Herringbone Click Castle, a remarkable flooring solution measuring 209 mm in width and 1045 mm in length. With its impressive size and stunning visual appeal, this flooring option, also known as the 'whalebone,' takes design, elegance, and exclusivity to new heights. It effortlessly transforms any space into a captivating design statement, offering endless possibilities for a classic yet modern interpretation of spaciousness.

Unlocking Creativity with the 'Whalebone' Pattern

The introduction of the new BOEN Herringbone Click Castle format enhances the allure of herringbone hardwood flooring, already renowned as a global trendsetter. This distinctive 'whalebone' pattern opens doors to fresh and exciting design possibilities, enabling every room to make a significant impact. The arrangement of wood grains and strips in these three-layer patterned floors results in mesmerizing designs, available in both naturally oiled and Live Pure lacquered finishes.

Expanding Dimensions of a Timeless Classic

Oak, a versatile material, never fails to impress. The Herringbone Click Castle format showcases its versatility through a captivating range of colors and gradings. From warm and inviting tones to brighter shades, the collection offers a modern, contemporary take on a traditional classic. Each option provides superb design aesthetics, ensuring a flooring solution that resonates with diverse tastes and interior styles.

Rustic Warmth with Live Natural

The unique rustic charm of the large-format herringbone floors within the Herringbone Click Castle range is unmistakable. Whether it's the calm grading of Oak Adagio, the vibrant Oak Animoso, or the authentically powerful Oak Vivo, these surfaces, naturally oiled with Live Natural, exude warmth and character. A subtle sheen adds depth to the wood, creating a slightly darker and more inviting ambiance.

Ultra-Matte Vibrancy with Live Pure

Embodying pure vibrancy, the Oak Adagio, Oak Animoso, and Oak Vivo variations in the Herringbone Click Castle range showcase the true spectrum of genuine oak in a new dimension. These options are diverse, authentic, and exquisitely beautiful. BOEN's innovative Live Pure lacquer provides an ultra-matte finish, giving the surfaces a brighter and more understated appearance. Moreover, this lacquer offers exceptional protection against dust, dirt, and liquid absorption, ensuring the longevity and durability of your flooring.

In conclusion, the Herringbone Click Castle by BOEN represents the epitome of patterned flooring, seamlessly blending timeless elegance with contemporary design. Its 'whalebone' pattern unlocks new realms of creativity, inviting homeowners, architects, and designers to make a lasting impression. With a wide range of colors, finishes, and surface treatments, this flooring collection offers endless possibilities to create stunning spaces that embody rustic warmth or ultra-modern vibrancy. Elevate your interior design with the Herringbone Click Castle and experience the pinnacle of excellence in patterned flooring.

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