3-Strip Floors: Simple principle, diverse charm

Dynamic-look 3-strip

Every wooden floor is not like the other. This is because of the natural quality and uniqueness of its material that represents its origin in every plank, every grain, and every knot. All of this creates parquet floors that underscore the individual flair and personality of their rooms and the people inside them.

Our 3-strip floors serve as a microcosm of the spectrum of the tree: three individual strips placed on the plank and offset relative to each other: the principle is so simple, while the look is so diverse and fresh. The interplay between the strips generates more visual dynamism and lively character on the floor. Depending on the colour, grain, and amount of knots of each individual plank, you get a completely different look.

The subtle difference of bevelled 3-strip

Our 3-strip floor has another subtle, but palpable feature: the Oak Grey Harmony, Oak Elephant Grey, Oak Brazilian Brown and Oak Warm Cotton 3-strip floors treated with the ultra-matte Live Pure lacquer have a bevel along the longer edge of the plank. This tiny detail delivers a huge effect. It emphasises the planks, adding to their elegance. The bevel makes for an unconventional floor that impresses and matches many styles.

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