BOEN 锁扣人字拼图案


人字拼图案是一种引人注目的地板图案,使您的地板脱颖而出。 这款永恒经典的地板图案以鱼的骨架图案命名。视乎您的风格,人字拼图案可以营造经典或现代氛围。

Oak Adagio Herringbone Click

Oak Adagio White Herringbone Click

5G Click, 3-layer floating installation

In close collaboration with our supplier Välinge, we can finally offer BOEN customers a solution that meets the highest standards and quality that our customers demand.

BOEN Herringbone Click is the solution that satisfies the need for both the DIY and the professional market. This is a Herringbone floor that can easily be installed by the end-consumer and professionals and are offered a choice between glued-down or floating installation.

产品将于2019年4 月1 日开始发售