Trends 2019

We have gathered three trends that are ongoing. These are interesting trends that develop over time and are based on how we live our lives

A trend is something that is ongoing for a certain time, a change or development in a general direction. In interior design this is what makes trends fun to watch, and fun to play with.

You do not need to change your style based on one trend, simply follow what you like and make adjustments that you see fit. This is the key behind finding your personal style. Use trends as a source for inspiration and incorporate elements that you like so that you feel happy and comfortable in our home.

We have gathered three trends that are ongoing. These are interesting trends that develop over time and are based on how we live our lives. They do not focus on one specific element, but rather the different aspects of how we change over time.This makes these trends easy to incorporate, and easy to have fun with.

Oak India Grey, Castle Plank, Live Pure lacquer

Trend Boho

As the opposite of minimal, modern, and sleek, Boho embraces a ”more is more” philosophy. A melting pot of colour, texture and pattern this is one of those styles that blends into different times and different cultures. The unpredictable, unusual and bright mixtures ensure that the Boho style stands as the testimony of modern sensibilities and a relaxed, carefree surroundings.


Trend Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern style is probably one of the most prolific styles of all time. The popularity of this style is based on many factors. The clean lines, gentle organic shapes, a love for different materials, an emphasis on functionality and the best of 30´s, 40´s, 50´s and 60´s architecture and design classics. The mid-century modern style is a timeless, forever-chic direction that never seems to lose traction or covetability.


Trend Contemporary

The word “contemporary” means “of the moment”, which makes this style hard to define. This style is unique because it borrows elements from many other aesthetics. Contemporary interior design is constantly evolving and what is current today may change in a few years´ time, due in part to the availability of new materials and pieces.


Our new products

Oak Warm Grey

Натуральный пол серых полутонов дает ощущение покоя и уюта. Ищите этот красивый пол в группе бежевых оттенков коричневой палитры.

Oak India Grey

Сочетание коричневых и серых оттенков придает этому полу оживленность и исключительность. Эти цвета земли укрепляют чувство единства с природой.

Oak Elephant Grey

Темно-коричневый пол с оттенками серого и черными очертаниями сучков может стать действительно выделяющимся акцентом интерьера.

Oak Ginger Brown

Дышащий теплом пол золотисто-коричневого цвета создает впечатление натурального необработанного дерева и подчеркивает структуру древесины.

Oak Brazilian Brown

Благодаря насыщенному темно-коричневому цвету этот пол излучает спокойствие и тепло, а выразительная текстура древесины притягивает взгляд.