Project Torre PR 627

To understand the concept of this project, it is essential to understand the site.

"Commonly we assume that a buildings site refers to a portion of land. The true site of architecture is more than that, its an intangible space, its defined by expanded boundaries which need to include the surrounding environment and itstemporal qualities.For this project we decided not only to design the building, but also design the site."

*text from Mètodo.

Архитектурный проект: Método

Конструкторский проект: Postensa

Оснащение: Infiniti

Освещение: Infiniti

Паркет: Patio Exterior

Координация работ: Maria José Villarreal Y Bernardo García

Сотрудники: Daniela Elizondo

Заказчик и Исполнитель: Grupo Barca and Barca Método Arquitectos

Фотограф: Tatiana Mestre