Domek w Austrii

Kitzbühel is a medieval town situated in the Kitzbühel Alps along the river Kitzbüheler Ache in Tyrol, Austria. The town is a ski resort of international renown it is frequented primarily by upper-class clientele from Austria and from abroad.

Thomas Brunauer, the founder of Found'Unique rooms, was hired as the interior designer for this project. Woodpark, a wood passionate company, installed the wood flooring.

"Wood is our passion. For many years we have been dealing with this topic very intensively and are always in search of new, innovative soils and special processing. A floor doesn't change that quickly - that is why the expert advice and the individual service is of such importance. And that's why we advise you with a lot of commitment and competence."
A residential home located in the Austrian Alps.

Projektant wnętrz: Thomas Brunauer -

Dystrybutor i  instalacja podłóg i schodów: Woodpark