Our new floors

The timeless colour of brown is the inspiration behind our new floors. The different shades of brown are to be found in the earth, the forest and the mountains.

We are proud to present five new floors with our Live Pure surface treatment: Oak Brazilian Brown, Oak Elephant Grey, Oak Ginger Brown, Oak India Grey and Oak Warm Grey. These are versatile floors that can be used in different environments depending on your style.

Changing a floor doesn’t have to be an entire redecoration. It is about your style and your floor. How you do it is entirely up to you, but know that we can guide you through the process.

Oak Ginger Brown
Oak Ginger Brown

All our new floors have our innovative Live Pure surface treatment, that gives the floor a natural look and keeps the colour over time. Live Pure is a lacquer system that protects the floor from dust, dirt liquids and chemical agents, with a higher UV stability than traditional paints and oils.

Oak Warm Grey

A natural floor with a hint of grey gives the floor a calm and honest expression. This is a beautiful floor that is to be found on the beige side of the brown colour palette

Oak India Grey

The combination of brown and grey gives this floor a lively and distinctive look. These two colours are earthy colours that brings forth a sense of nature.

Oak Elephant Grey

A darker brown floor with shades of grey and black filled knots, this floor really stands out.

Oak Ginger Brown

A warm floor that gives you a golden-brown look, and the feeling of raw and untreated wood with its structural characteristics.

Oak Brazilian Brown

With its deep dark brown colour this floor gives a calm and warm feeling, combined with its beautiful structural characteristics.