“We have gone through a long and successful transformation process. In the future, we would like to consolidate this growth and bring success and sustainability to the company.” Klaus Brammertz, President and CEO

Since the merger of Bauwerk Parkett and BOEN in 2013, the Bauwerk Group is the second largest parquet company in Europe and a leader in the premium segment. Our business activities have an impact on the environment and society for which we want to take responsibility.

We have the privilege of producing parquet flooring from wood, a natural product which will serve and please its owners for many years. Sustainability is not a foreign word to us in the wood business. We have long been pursuing various activities which we are announcing publicly for the first time, because they are part of our self-image as a long-term, profit-oriented company that earns a living thanks to the natural raw material of wood. What is new, however, is our claim to consolidate our past growth, to establish the same standards throughout the Group and to consistently anchor relevant sustainability aspects in our processes.

How do we do that?

Since 2017, sustainability has been integrated as a key issue in our Group strategy and vision. We have set up a cross-functional Sustainability Committee to establish systematic sustainability management and drive this forward in the coming years. It is chaired by our CEO, Klaus Brammertz. In addition, the heads of quality management, environment and occupational health and safety, HR, research and development, purchasing and representatives of both brands are part of the committee.

The starting point was the identification and evaluation of the most important impacts of our business activities on the environment and society, for which we also included our most important external stakeholders in a stakeholder dialogue in March 2017. These included, in particular, customers, investors, authorities, business partners and NGOs.

On the basis of this review, we have set clear ambitions on our key topics and have drawn up a detailed milestone plan for the years 2017 to 2019 with clear goals, measures and control points. Our first sustainability report highlights our efforts in four fields of action.

Download the Sustainability Report 2020

Download the Sustainability Report 2019