Sustainability management at Bauwerk Boen Group

We did not start from scratch but were able to build on past achievements. What is new, however, is our claim to consolidate our past growth, to establish the same standards throughout the group and to consistently anchor relevant sustainability aspects in our processes 

Healthy soultions 

As individuals we spend 80 to 90% of our lives indoors, inhaling and exhaling ten to twenty cubic metres of air a day. Although today’s nearly airtight buildings make sense from an energy point of view, the ventilation systems needed are questionable in terms of healthy living. Wood is a natural material. In parquet production, glues, lacquers, colours, stains, oils as well as cleaning and care products are applied during installation and the subsequent use phase. If improperly developed and applied, these may cause emissions that impair indoor air quality and a healthy living or working environment during the hardwood floor’s service life. With our brands BOEN and Bauwerk Parquet, we stand for parquet of high quality that is harmless to health. To meet high quality demands for both of our brands, we rely on continuous investments in product development, credible certificates, and targeted information and training for installers and (end) consumers.

Protected environment

Our business revolves around wood: from purchasing and processing to sales and maintenance. As a manufacturing and trading company, we also use renewable and non-renewable energy and water, and our business activities generate greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Our wood waste is partly burnt at all production sites to generate heat. The remaining wood waste is either sold for pellets production or processed into and sold as briquettes.

Resource Efficiency

We only purchase wood products from legal sources, i.e. we do not buy wood on spot markets. We know our suppliers and the origin of the wood. In addition, we aim to increase the share of certified wood purchased and of certified finished parquet. As part of our operations and environmental management we systematically track our materials, effluents and waste with the goal of increasing our resource efficiency in our four productions sites. In Switzerland, we operate an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard. The certification will be expanded to our Croatian and Lithuanian sites in 2020.