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Seasons design news - Modern Rustic

Av Helle Tjaberg  – 

The cozy lightness of the Modern rustic style emphasizes a natural living.

This style is rooted in history, longevity and natural materials. Modern Rustic rooms are full of soul and warmth.

We can trace elements of this style back to the 18th century, and its main appeal lies in the meeting between a rural and an urban style. This style is constantly evolving, but at the heart of the style lies a wish for a slower, more considered lifestyle. Beautifully crafted objects with a sense of lasting value and authenticity and naturally distressed materials such as linen, cotton, sisal and ceramics are in abundance.

This is a style that lets us stay in touch with the past, without becoming overly sentimental.

Seasons news Modern Rustic autumn 2014

Copper lamps, Evergreen by Northern Lighting fit perfect the Modern Rustic lifestyle. Beautiful saturated nuances of warm pink from Jotun Lady. Play more with Modern Rustic flooring in our virtual FloorStudio. Green plants and succulents are naturally in the Rustic interior. Industrial chick with delicate shelving from House Doctor.

Handgjorda, genuina trägolv med karaktär!

Av Oda Tellefsen  – 

Uppnå proffsighet och tradition i ditt hem!

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