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Trendguide 2015

Di Helle Tjaberg  – 

Be inspired by the defining materials, colours and looks for the New Year!
Interior design is all about finding your personal style and creating a great base before adding the personal details. The perfect floor is an integral part of a home, and almost a piece of furniture in itself. Therefore it is important to take your time and use tools such as the BOEN Catalogue and BOEN Style Handbook to pick your perfect floor.

It is our belief that you will be inspired to find the style that lies closest to your heart when using these tools, whether you prefer PURE NORDIC, MODERN RUSTIC, URBAN CONTRAST or CLASSIC ELEGANCE. Find your favourite style and floor, and then find some favourite accessories to complete your look. Here are some of the defining trends for the New Year!

1. Blue Note

Blue is a colour loved by people all over the world, and in the coming year we will see even more of this calming nuance. Look for it in larger pieces of furniture, textiles and details, and in nuances ranging from denim blue to muted pastels.   

BOEN Oak Pearl Castle plank
In this MODERN RUSTIC interior a blue chair takes pride of place at the end of the
table. How will you use blue in your interior in 2015? The floor is BOEN Oak Pearl Castle plank.

2. Kitchen elegance

There has been a lot of talk about contrasting materials in the design world the past few years, and it is still extremely important, so also in the kitchen, perhaps the most important room of your home. We are seeing a move towards more muted contrasts here, one might call them more elegant; marble, luxurious stone, brass and gold are important materials also in this room.

kitchen Tinta by Kvik
The appealing kitchen Tinta by Kvik perfectly demonstrates the new elegance that is
entering our kitchens; with luxurious stone, golden elements and gorgeous textures.
Photo: Kvik

3. Material world

Materials that grow old gracefully, and are both sustainable and ethically sourced; wherever you look in the design world you will experience designers tribute to natural materials and beautiful surfaces. Shapes are kept simple in order to accentuate materials such as marble, straw, stone, ceramics, metals and wood.  

BOEN Oak Traditional Chalet plank
A room with a view, and also beautiful meetings of material. The floor is BOEN Oak Traditional Chalet, which is
perfect for the PURE NORDIC interior, but will not look out of place in either a MODERN RUSTIC-dwelling or

4. Orange

Orange is an important colour at the moment; it is warm, surprising and full of energy; it’s all about finding new ways of adding colour to our life. And orange is full of personality; from light coral shade to stronger shades that pop. Look for the colour in pillows, carpets, throws and tableware – or paint your walls if you dare!

Orange “Colour of the year” for 2015, Akzo Nobel
The major paintings manufacturer Akzo Nobel has chosen orange in varying nuances as its “Colour of the year”
for 2015; it is both beautiful and energizing.
Photo: Akzo Nobel

5. Green affluence

Green plants add both life and health to the environment and the interior, not to mention warmth! Succulents and cactuses started entering our homes again a couple of years ago, and large and lush green plants now join them. Make room for large palm trees if you have the space, or gather smaller plants in a smaller or larger group.

All objects are from House Doctor
Gather beautiful green plants in smaller or larger groups for a peaceful still life.
All objects are from House Doctor.

6. A certain pattern

Surfaces are no longer necessarily kept clean and untreated; new technology makes it possible to print pattern directly on surfaces or etched in the material itself.  And after a few years with a lot of focus on massive plank for our floors – which are still highly desirable – we are also seeing a move again towards new ways of laying floor in beautiful patterns or differing widths of plank.

side tables from Cattelan
These appealing side tables from Cattelan perfectly demonstrate new ways of adorning surfaces. Note also the
way the wooden floor is laid, ask your BOEN representative for information on how to achieve this look.

BOEN Walnut Prestige herringbone pattern
The classic herringbone pattern is a sure winner in the style stakes this year as
demonstrated by the way BOEN Walnut Prestige is presented in this image.
Will look great in both an URBAN CONTRAST and a CLASSIC ELEGANT interior.

7. Back to black

Is black the new white? It can certainly seem that way; black walls have almost become the new neutrals, and sales of black paint are increasing. Choose a matt paint for an elegant finish, and use white to contrast. Black can be a warm and interesting look for an interior, it all depends on how you incorporate it.  

Black coat henger from menu
A simple and graphic black coat hanger from Menu will suit any style.

wall colour is LADY Balance 9938 Dempet Sort by Jotun
Don´t be afraid of a black wall – but remember to contrast with crisp white details for
a fresh look. The wall colour is LADY Balance 9938 Subdued Black by Jotun.

8. Genuine craft

We increasingly look for things that are authentic, made by hand and locally produced – things that tell a story, and which are produced in limited numbers, maybe even something you make yourself? We want to attend classes to learn how to make food from scratch, or to learn to knit, make pottery or even macramé. The further we move towards the new technology, the stronger our need for a counterpoint.

Beautiful stoneware from Ferm Living
Beautiful stoneware from Ferm Living will appeal to your inner craftsman.
Perhaps next year is the time to make your own?

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