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Shimmering, warm & bright

Di Helle Tjaberg  – 

The trend involving accents of gold, brass and copper in the interior world does not seem to be fading in the least.
On the contrary it seems to be gathering speed and pushing full steam ahead into 2015, casting it´s golden spell onto not only smaller decorative objects, but also advancing into furniture and most specifically lighting – there are numerous beautiful variations to choose from. Golden accessories and objects inject both warmth and elegance into any interior, even though most people might think of a classically elegant interior when they see such objects. However, there is room for shimmering details in most interior styles, as our selection shows.

Semi lamp Bonderup & Thorup
The pendant lamp Semi, was designed by Bonderup & Thorup in 1968, and has a
distinct geometric shape. It´s iconic look in an all brass finish is perfect for the
URBAN CONTRAST-interior. Produced by Gubi.

Bloomingville lamp
Playful contrasts between shapes and materials as a staple of the MODERN RUSTIC
interior. The lamp in the picture becomes a warm and organic element against the
black picture frames and the blonde wood. All objects from Bloomingville.

IC light from Flos
The very talented designer Michael Anastassiades has designed the lighting-series
IC-lights for Flos, which launched in April this year to great acclaim. The lamp is
sculptural but at the same time simplistic in its form, and will just as easily blend into
Note the beautiful floor in the image, your local BOEN representative will be able to
tell you how to achieve this look. flos.com

Bolia table Eclipse
Bolia´s interesting new table Eclipse, incorporates the trend for golden details in a
totally new way – this table is a definite URBAN CONTRAST-piece, with its playful
and individual style. However, there is a certain elegance about it that could look
quite nice against the contrast of more CLASSICALLY ELEGANT pieces. Bolia.com

Oak Sand Castle plank Classic Elegance
By letting your wooden flooring glide seamlessly from room to room you will achieve a serene and calm look, as
this CLASSIC ELEGANT interior with BOEN Oak Sand Castle Plank demonstrates. In much the same way you
can use small golden details, like the candleholder in the hallway, the bowl on the kitchen table and the dainty
golden frame on the wall. Photo: BOEN

Masters Chair designed by Philippe Starck
The chair, Masters, was designed by Philippe Starck, as a tribute to three of his design
heroes; Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames. This year it was launched
in a limited edition gold version. A strong and unapologetic version, which is perfect
in an URBAN CONTRAST setting. kartell.kit

Tea light holder Etch from Tom Dixon
In just a few short years, Tom Dixons tea light holder Etch has become something
of a design classic, and as a true sign of it´s iconic status, it adds the perfect
finishing touch to every interior style. The detailing of the metal creates a mass
of intricate shadowing when the tea light is lit. tomdixon.net

lara bohinc light from Skultuna
The London-based design company Lara Bohinc might be best know for its jewellery
and hand bags, but this winter they release their first home accessories in collaboration
with the Swedish company Skultuna, who has been in business for over 400 years!
The collection consists of various candleholders, which are like pieces of jewellery for
the house. They are of course destined for the CLASSIC ELEGANCE interior, but a
certain simplicity will make them equally suitable in a PURE NORDIC environment.
skultuna.com og larabohinc.com

Oak Vivo Castle plank Modern Rustic style
The main focus of the MODERN RUSTIC style is on natural, organic and rustic materials and objects, there is
always room for some laidback glamour. En golden pillow with sequins becomes a beautiful focal point in a sofa
filled with cushions in nuances of pastels and white. The oak floor is BOEN Oak Vivo, which has a warm and
lively finish. Photo: BOEN

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