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Care & Maintenance

Be nice to your hardwood floor, it will repay you for a lifetime. High-quality sealed or oiled hardwood floors optimally protect the floor from dust and dirt and are easy to care for.
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Doormats help to prevent the floor from scratches.
More tips for a beautiful floor

Depending on how much strain it is placed under, hardwood is subject to natural wear and tear. Marks of use on the surface can also occur on hard wood and high-quality surface treatments over the long term. This is why we recommend preventative measures and regular care.

In order to avoid any unnecessary scratches, felt gliders should be applied to all furniture, particularly tables and chairs. For chairs with rollers, the use of a suitable chair underlay is advisable. Doormats and runners should be placed in entrance areas as dirt and sand can act like sandpaper. In highly frequented areas, there should be larger clean-off zones and dirt traps.

Parquet and underfloor heating?

Hardwood flooring and underfloor heating – do they even go together? Experience tells us that they do, and it can even have advantages. The room climate for underfloor heating is in general more stable than in rooms with radiators.

The thermal resistance of hardwood floors are low, meaning that heat transfer is hardly hindered. Hardwood flooring placed on underfloor heating is also cost-effective. What must be taken into account is that woods such as beech, maple and jatoba are more prone to form gaps than e.g. oak. It is important therefore to ensure the right room climate is achieved. We recommend that hardwood floors should be permanently adhered to underfloor heating. This means that you will have a permanently stable floor under your feet.

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