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Find your style-find your floor!
We all want to create an identity and a atmosåhere in our home to reflect who we are. A beautiful hardwood floor is a furniture itself, and the best basis for creating a personal and truly stylish home. But which hardwood floor should you choose? What can you live with?

BOEN has along with interior expert Helle Tjaberg defined four different styles, which we hope will make it easier for you to find your dream floor. Which style appeals most to you? Find your favorite, and then locate your hardwood floor.

Here we write about the four styles, but also on current trends that suits each individual style. We hope you will be inspired!

When Interior Meets Fashion

When Interior Meets Fashion - The Iridescence Trend

Micro Trend

Micro Trend - A new geometrical language

Earth Colour Trend

Earth Colour Trend 2015/16

Brass Look

It's trending: The Brass Look

When Interior Meets Fashion - The Marble Effect

When Interior Meets Fashion - The Marble Effect

Micro Trend Tribe Vibe

Tribal patterns are where it's at this year.

Sweet Tropicana

Micro Trend: Sweet Tropicana

Architectonic Design

When Interior Meets Fashion: Architectonic Design