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Modern and timeless wood floor.

By Marco Cattini  – 

BOEN oak andnate white live pure
Modern and timeless wood floor - Oak Andante white, Live Pure 
Elin Axelsson and her future husband were never in doubt; it should be real wood floor in their new house in Sweden.
“We have renovated a house once before, and we have experience with both wood flooring and laminate. But to be honest, we knew at once that we would have a real wood floor when we build a house. Wood floors give a warm and genuine feeling,” says Elin Axelsson (29).
Elin lives with her partner, Olle Rantatola, and their two children (2 and 4 years old) in a brand new house in Vetlanda, a little town in the south of Sweden. They chose Oak Andante White with Live Pure surface treatment. The floor is treated with an innovative new surface finish technology that gives BOEN floors an untreated and completely natural look, and keeps its natural color over time. BOEN’s wood flooring preserves the quality of wood, without compromising on resistance against dirt and, for example, liquids.
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Detail from Eli's house

Modern and timeless

We are really pleased. The floor is nice and warm to walk on, and we very much like the growth rings, and the light surface. We feel that we have chosen a modern and timeless floor that you never tire of”, says Elin.
The children run around in the house while we talk. “We have small and active children, and in their room we have a big carpet to protect the wood floor a little bit”, says Elin and starts laughing. 

BOEN oak andnate white live pure

I didn’t know BOEN before

That Elin and Olle ended up with a BOEN floor was not granted, or decided from the beginning. They didn’t know BOEN produced wood flooring.
“We hadn’t heard about BOEN before, but our home contractor recommended we look at their products”. The couple described to the contractor the look they wanted for the floor, and thus the decision was quite easy. “They understood what we were dreaming of, and they suggested Oak Andante White Live Pure…and we loved it immediately”, smiles Elin.

BOEN oak andnate white live pure
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Many ask about the floor

Through her Instagram account @villafunkis, Elin shares pictures from her house and she proudly admits that she receives questions about the floor every week. “Many wonder where it comes from, and what it’s called. BOEN has beautiful wood floors; they should market even more of their products here in Sweden!”  Elin laughs and continues, “I always recommend BOEN. I like the wide planks and the untreated look. We thought well through the look and we wanted something timeless. Flooring can be expensive and you don’t change it quite often.” 

Less maintenance more family time 

With two small children and a cat, the couple was also concerned about maintenance. “The floor is maintenance-free in the way we don’t have to treat it again, and the regular cleaning is basically a vacuum cleaner and mop. So it’s easy to maintain the beautiful quality.”
Elin is so satisfied that she would choose the same floor again. “I could have chosen a floor that doesn’t get any marks, but then I would have to choose laminate…and that wasn’t an option at all! I like that the floor lives and ages with us being affected by time,” concludes Elin.
The couple picked BOEN's new award winning Live Pure surface finish that provides a surface that needs less maintenance than standard finishes live lacquer and oils. 

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