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A 200 m2 BOEN showroom in Chile is worth celebrating

By Vilde Høsfloth  – 

BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile
A m2 BOEN showroom in Chile is worth celebrating
Munir Khamis immigrated from Palestine to Chile in 1952 when he was only 16 years old. 26 year later, in 1978, he founded the company ATIKA S.A where their main hub is an impressive 8 storey building with more than 5,000 m2 of showroom and office space.
The company has over 150 employees and Munir is still involved in strategy and vision,
while his daughter Muriel is totally involved in design and product development as well as
commercial activities.

BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile

ATIKA's ( main business is ceramic tiles, porcelain tile, bathroom and sanitary equipment, but,
after meeting us at Domotex this year, ATIKA has now also created an impressive 200 m2 showroom,
focusing only on BOEN flooring.

BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile
And of course this had to be celebrated with an opening party, organized by Munir’s daughter Maya,
who handles Marketing and Communications.
BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile
BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile

As you can see from the pictures, it's important for ATIKA to follow our successful concept of the
Style Advisor. Four main areas are styled following the latest trends in interior design and hardwood flooring.
BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile  BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile
Urban Contrast                                                                                                 Pure Nordic

BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile  BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile
Classic Elegance                                                                                              Modern Rustic
The wide selection goes from 3-strip to wide Planks (1-strip) flooring in all dimensions.
They can also offer our newest surface treatment Live Pure, that is one of the latest innovations on the market from BOEN!

BOEN showroom ATIKA Chile 

BOEN is happy to have found a fantastic partner who together will open up and conquer the markets of Latin America!

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