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Dark floors

By Gudy Herder  – 

Dark floors
Dark floors: An elegant and confident choice
When decorating a space, one of the first things you need to take care of is the flooring.
Usually, wood is chosen because it makes the space feel warmer and more inviting, or
because it's just part of your culture such as in many Scandinavian homes.


Dark floors are particularly interesting in 2016 belonging to an overall darker trend in
the interior design world which to extremes even reaches the Total Black Look
(image no. 9).


New products 2017 Boen

BOEN Oak Chalk Black, Castle Plank, Live Pure

To some dark flooring options might look dramatic but, at the same time, they sure
are elegant, timeless and their versatility when it comes to embrace different interior
styles from urban modern to classic is just impressive.

Milk Magazine

New products 2017 Boen

BOEN Oak Ebony, Castle Plank, Live Pure

When we talk dark flooring, the actual range used by many architects and stylists
goes from dark brown, to grey, charcoal and pitch black. 
Surfaces are getting more distressed, weathered and rather matte than shiny.

The Apartment

If you want to contrast your home, for example, you could always have a white frame
through your walls and ceiling, play with white furniture or more feminine shades such
as pale pink to soften your colour palette (image no.6). Natural wood is always a very
good contrast, too. And adding plants is of course, a safe choice.

New products 2017 Boen

BOEN Oak Ebony, Castle Plank, Live Pure

Residence Magazine

As for the tile industry, wood-look tiles have already been established as a favorite and it
seems that won't change. In fact, wood-look tiles are adapting already to everything from
barn wood looks to aged painted planks and offer all kinds of patterns (image no.8).

Michael Dawkins

Also, Chevron (pic no.9)  and Herringbone (pic no.9-11) patterns as a contrast to sleek planks,
are very popular and look amazing in darker colours with brown and greyish fillings.

The Design Files

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style, but design and trends are changing.
Colour, size and pattern can be used to express yourself, just like your wardrobe, and give
your home personality, and character. 

Gudy Herder, Eclectic Trends (link to:

BOEN's dark hardwood flooring

Strong colours with matt surfaces are the best choice for the black colours trend.
An important aspect is to showcase the magic of the wood: its grain and
incomparable depth, warmth and vibrancy, even with dark tones. This is why the
surfaces are brushed – in order to optimally emphasis their natural structure.

Our hardwood floor recommendations for this trend: The pure black

 Oak Ebony, Live Pure                                       Oak Chalk Black, Live Pure

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