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Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Home Flooring Before Selling

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Are you going to sell your house? Changing the flooring could have an impact.
What’s the most critical upgrade homeowners can make before selling their home
According to real estate pros, if you want to sell your home quickly and for more
money, you should update your flooring. 

“If you can only afford to make the investment in one significant part of your home, 
consider updating the flooring,” writes award-winning Florida real estate broker-associate

New flooring can transform the interior of a home. If you’ve ever watched an HGTV
house hunting show, you’ve probably seen that buyers often get hung up on simple
cosmetic issues. New flooring doesn’t go unnoticed. It creates a fresh canvas for buyers
to envision themselves living in the home, which is the key when trying to sell. 

And when considering which type of flooring to install, you can’t go wrong with
hardwood. It’s a long-standing favorite with buyers.

Below, we’ll go through why hardwood is the way to go, and some smart tips for installing it. 

Hardwood flooring is the superior choice

In addition to being a buyer favorite, because it’s easy to market and showcases
quality — agents love it too. 

Ninety-nine percent of real estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors are
easier to sell, and 90 percent of agents say that they sell for a higher sale price,
according to the National Wood Flooring Association. 

Similarly, research from the National Association of Realtors shows that 54 percent
of homebuyers are willing to shell out extra cash for homes with hardwood. 

You don’t have to go all-in

It’s not always practical for homeowners to redo an entire home in hardwood.
If installing wood throughout isn’t an option, Elizabeth Weintraub, former writer
for The Balance, escrow officer and real estate broker, suggests removing carpeting
in areas where the future owners might entertain. 

Install hardwood in rooms where the buyers will spend the most time like the
living room, dining room and family room. Keep in mind, if you only do sections
of the home, you have to keep it consistent. Agents often see buyers turn their noses
up at homes with a mosaic of different kinds of flooring. You don’t want multiple
types of flooring that all meet in high-traffic areas of the home either. 

“Two different hardwoods touching?” says Ryan Cave, a Collin County,
Texas-based real estate agent who has sold over $35 million in homes and ranks
in the top 3 percent of agents. 

“That’s the worst.”

When choosing a finish, thing trendy, and go rustic. 

“Hardwoods are especially popular with buyers when they’re hand-scraped finished,
old or have an engineered look,” Cave said. 

For more on the basics of hardwood flooring, check out BOEN´s site. BOEN
has a large selection of hardwood flooring, and their experts can give you advice on
accessories and maintenance for all floorings in their range.

Consult a trusted resource before updating

Any upgrades you make to increase the resale value of a home should be chosen
mindfully with a long-term sale plan in mind. Each real estate market will have
trends that vary, and a good real estate agent can help you determine what’s best for
your specific home. 

Start the sale process by finding a trusted agent, who can help you navigate
making home improvements that will get a high return on investment. Don’t make
any major changes before consulting an agent. 

To find out the current value of your home, check out HomeLight’s home value estimator.

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