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Trend: Bold Fairy Tale

By Oda Tellefsen  – 

living room
Photo: Colours Alcro,
We at BOEN always enjoy working with the latest trends to always keep you up to date.
As your Style Adviser, our goal is to recognize the trends early. We work together
with internationally renowned trend expert Gudy Herder, to accomplish our goal.
Together we visit trade fairs and shows, talk to designers and host workshops.
We follow blogs, influencers and search for inspiring people on Instagram. This is
incorporated directly into our product development process, so that we can deliver
quality products that fits your style.

As a result, the new hardwood floors are well suited for the upcoming trends for 2018,
but at the same time, products that will last through changes and will be a match for
your style.
After a few years of downsizing and cutting back, tastemakers are now focusing on
new and luxurious approaches to design. 

This trend explores darkness from a positive perspective, with designs that have
a dreamy, mysterious quality; they take inspiration from the allure of the night sky,
Northern Lights with their glistening gemstone chromas.

Photo: Revolve lighting by Bert Frank

In a time of inward-looking and introspective stories, the night represents serenity
and calmness while dark designs add a mysterious, avantegarde accent to
contemporary interiors. This lavish direction, present everywhere in fashion and
influenced mainly by Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, has embedded
itself into interiors and product design, bringing shapes that range from curvilinear to
almost jagged, and allowing for versatile use.

Photo: Jonas Ingerstedt Photography Colours: / Styling: Jill Windahl

Contrast is this trend’s guiding thread, seen in terms of colour play (dark vs. bold),
finishings (glossy vs. matte) and shapes (round vs. edgy). It’s a daring approach,
designed to express a personality with a desire to stand out. Use interior elements
like cushions in dark blue or green velvet, elements of gold, such as your bathroom
faucet or chandeliers, or round tables of green marble combined with edgy steel legs
to incorporate this style.

Photo: Jonas Ingerstedt Photography Colours: Styling: Dennis Valencia

This style is shifting now towards a more opulent look and feel, adding the micro
trend of gemstone details for tactility and colour. Incorporate this with large amethyst
or quartz geodes, gemstone patterns on wallpaper or cushions, and velvet in garnet,
malachite and amethyst shades. Associate this look with mirrors framed in gold,
or use gemstones as an accessory on your book shelve. If the aesthetics had to be
reduced to a couple of words, ‘Bold Fairy Tale’ would be a relevant description.

When used with matte finishings, black and almost black appears warm and intimate.
Going for glossy finishing and bolder colours favour an opulent and sophisticated look,
speaking to an audience that is self-confident, trend-oriented and not afraid of regular
changes in interior design, including the bathroom and kitchen.

In studies from 2016 - 2018 by the NCS Colour Institute, we are seeing a general move
going back to darker palettes in fashion, textile and interior design. Key shifts and
colour weights are evolving towards heavier reds, blues, yellows, and neutrals tones
that appear dusky.

The statement colour palette comes with a self-assured poise; a new extravagance
against a dark backdrop bursting with confidence.

The Colour palette ranges from incandescent chroma such as corn yellow,
to amethyst and garnet with bases of ethereal bluish greens, and from shadowy teal
blue and malachite to midnight blue.
Our new floors have dark, deep colours that connects to this trend. They create a 
beautiful balance to the darker colour palette, with heavier reds, blues and yellows.
The matt and brushed surface makes these floors a perfect fit to the luxury soft and
shiny material like velvet, green marble and gold. 

grading picturegrading picture
    Oak Graphite                                                Oak Barrel

   Oak Ebony Live Pure                                    Oak Chalk Black Live Pure

Choose your favourite trend, choose the hardwood floor that you like and find the closest retailer!

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