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The Next Artisan Trends

By Gudy Herder  – 

The Next Artisan Trends
Extreme knitting, wooven wall hangings, paper art and all kind of hanging planters are still
currently trending in the craft (and DIY) world. The question is: what comes next?

There is a fine gap between handcraft and artisan work but both take part in the new slow
being wave feeling connected to your inner creativity. And yes, skills are learnable!

Future Artisan Trends will without a doubt be influenced by traditional and ancient techniques.
Let's see 3 examples today:


Due to recession, markets are changing and so do their products and services.
Spending and consuming in a more conscious way can probably be called the new era.
Upcycling and recycling are continuously growing trends where sustainability plays a
big part. Another interesting fact is that it can be done from home, and that's why the
Etsy generation had so much to say during the past 4-5 years.


Sweet Paul Mag


Upcycling talks about reusing a material without degrading the quality.
When broken, Asian techniques such as Kintsugi come into place as the Japanese art of
mending broken ceramics with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum.
Breakage is part of the wabisabi philosophy centered in imperfection and irregularity.

Today you can buy kintsugi kits to repair your own broken pieces, and other fields such
as fashion and beauty get as well inspired by golden cracks in their aethetics.


The Korean tradition of a wrapping cloth, or Pojagi, has been embraced by the
Western art world in recent years and taken into mixed media as well as fibre art.

A wrapping cloth was used to enclose gifts, cover food on special occasions or enclose
special quilts or ceremonial clothes. Originally left over pieces of cloth were joined by
different seams which form a definite element in the design, and can be seen at their
best when translucent materials such as silk organza are used.

Unha E


Muckenthaler Gallery

It was in pre-modern Korea, particularly during the Chosŏn dynasty (1392-1910), that Pojagi
was florishing becoming a Korean cultural icon. Today Korean fiber artist Chunghie Lee
(link: ) explores the historial
context as an inspiration for her contemporary art works and teaches the technique again.

Other examples of revival are the facade of the Cartier flagship
store in Cheongdam-dong, South Korea which is reportedly inspired by the craft.

But the best example of first trend signs are several providers on Etsy
(link: offering Pojagi (inspired) patchwork not meaning
nothing else than the ancient technique has found its way back to contemporary dwelling.


The craft of embroidery is known for having remained largely unchanged since its early
beginnings, but even this ancient handicraft has room for contemporary interpretation.
As many other handcraft techniques, stitching or embroidering is considered the recording
of the maker's thoughts and emotions.

Izziyana Suhaimi

Jose Romussi

Ana Teresa Barboza

Embroidered art embraces several techniques such as pencil drawings or watercolors (Izziyana Suhaimi),
embroidering patterns and words over photographs and magazine pages (Jose Romussi) or pushing the boundaries
towards a space between tapestry and sculpture ( Ana Teresa Barboza).

Creativity is endless here, and I am quite curious to see how these three techniques will eventually involve into
 new micro trends and adapted by DIY lovers.

Gudy Herder, Eclectic Trends (

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