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OZEN Luxury Resort by Atmosphere

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Amidst the exotic turquoise hues of South Male Atoll is the tranquil island Maadhoo, home to the brand new luxury resort  - OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo, Maldives. It is nothing less than a paradise encompassing all the elements of luxury to carefully craft a unique experience for every guest.

The contemporary design style and overall ambience of OZEN compliments the naturally blessed surroundings of Maadhoo island - luxury villas calmly tucked into the exotic island vegetation together with the stunning over-water villas stretching across the breathtaking turquoise lagoon of this mesmerising island.

The stonewashed wood flooring used in this beautiful luxury resort are inspired by nature. Brushed, distinctive structures and a surface treated with Live Natural oil let you feel the flooring with all senses.

Wood flooring used:
Oak Graphite is a oiled, brushed, dark wood flooring with light-yellow shimmer.
Oak Sand is a sand-coloured oiled wood flooring.

Architect: Miaja Designs, Singapore.

Country: Maldives
Type: Hotel and Spa
Product: Plank
Size: 6.000 m2 
Year: 2016

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