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Old Production House

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"The Old Production House" is one of the buildings that is part of an extraordinary residential project called Gypsum Factory. The project is located in an intimate green part of Kipsala Island, on the bank of the Daugava River in Riga, Latvia.

“The Old Production House” had been the project’s initial target for preservation and restoration. When the building was found to be beyond rehabilitation, however, it was demolished and built a new—retaining its original form, but adding facades of the finest quality yellow brick, as well as beautiful details, such as the vaulted ceiling on the ground floor.

The building has a small inner courtyard, which can be accessed through a passageway to the complex’s central garden courtyard. The Old Production House offers the widest spectrum of apartment designs—ranging from studios to three-bedroom units—and all offer correspondingly comfortable living in this quiet oasis of Riga.

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Development company: LOGO – Domus
Installer: SIA”Basic Plus”, Latvia

Country: Latvia
Type: Private homes
Year: 2016

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