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King and Queens Shop

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To sell these high-quality boots, Bollen looked for suitable floors, and found them in Oak Espressivo Castle. This wood floor from the BOEN Handcrafted range perfectly represents the sincerity and authenticity that mark the entire shop.

Its hand-processed surface with a used look and its carefully black-filled visible knots and cracks are a great match for the trend of being "essential". Getting back to what is important, individual and sustainable. Or as Bollen put it: "I wanted a really beautiful old oak floor exactly for my boots. Genuine quality and low maintenance."

Hans Bollen laid the 18 square metres of his statement floor without difficulty: "There weren’t any problems, everything went so easily!" Now, the natural oil-treated planks at Kings & Queens create an authentic shopping experience and make sure that the first steps you take in your new boots are on a uniquely beautiful floor.

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Country: Belgium
Type: Shops
Size: 18m2
Year: 2017

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