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B&Q Head Office

Oak Strongline, 21 mm, 2-strip

Kaffee Partner, Osnabrück, Germany

Oak Stone, plank, Stonewashed Collection

Private home in Molde, Norway

Oak Andante, Plank, Live Matt lacquer

Private home Lyngdal, Norway

Oak Andante white, Plank Live Matt lacquer

Private home in Røyken, Norway

Oak White Nights, Plank, Live Natural oil

Private home in Kristiansand, Norway

Oak Andante white, Castle plank, Live Pure lacquer

OZEN Luxury Resort by Atmosphere

Oak Sand, Plank Live Natural Oil
Oak Graphite Plank Live Natural Oil

Mountain cabin at Gautestad, Norway

Oak Concerto White, Longstrip Live Matt Lacquer

Nike shop

Maple Can. Contract, 2-strip Strongline, T79 Sport lacquer

Private house in Steinfeld Germany

Eiche Castel Coral weiß 230 m²

Private home in Austria

Oak Old Grey, Plank Chalet, Live Natural oil

The Red Ship House

Jatoba Plank with bevel, Live Natural oil

The Black Coal House

Iroko, Plank with bevel, Live Natural oil