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3-layer flooring

A 3-layer hardwood floor is a stable product, warm and natural, stylish, elegant - just make your choice!

Planks: The variety of formats

Choose the look that you like most: Planks have a classic, timeless and noble effect. In order to achieve an ideal surface look, we have used optimum width and length ratios for our boards. This way, your room is perfectly presented. We offer our planks in different widths, 138, 181 and 209 mm. Our tip: Install a mix of all three dimensions in your house. This will enhance the beautiful look of these planks.

BOEN Chalet: The unique floor for your home

Chalet is an exclusive oak plank floor of different widths and lengths of up to 4 metres. The planks are delivered in a rustic grade permitting knots and lively colour variations. Every floor is planned by BOEN‘s floor designer and specially adapted to the individual room. This makes each floor completely unique.

BOEN Chaletino: Extralarge and Exclusive

Large rooms inspire to decoration with extra wide planks. Chaletino boards have a length of 2.75 metres and a width of 30cm. A Chaletino flooring provides a tranquil and exclusive expression. Chaletino planks are of the same grading as Chalet – with a natural incidence of knots and plays of colours.

Longstrip pattern: Young and modern!

Longstrip flooring are the classic among the parquet flooring. The varied pattern provides a lively and modern look and is excellently applicable for different room situations.

2-layer/pattern flooring

Discover the diverse world of the BOEN 2-layer product range. No matter if it is used for creative flooring patterns in high-quality building areas or for the renovation of existing buildings. It is always about traditional craftsmanship.